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Setting-up company OKR 

The sales were great, yet our clients faced a business capacity problem. We assisted our clients to find the root cause of this problem. Our clients realized they had difficulty in translating their business ambition into employees’ individual targets. We helped them set up their company OKR to align business targets and each division’s targets.

  • Outcome: Detailed company and division levels of OKR

The Challenge

Initially, our clients came to us to solve their business capacity problems. This problem was caused by their poor business’ planning. We helped them find the root cause of the problem, which is an unclear translation of the company’s ambition into the individual target. Although our clients grow exponentially, the capacity problem has been hampering their business performance. 

The Approach

We came up with solutions to facilitate OKR, in a full-day workshop with the company’s C-level and managers. We also performed a series of financial analyses to translate business targets into divisions’ OKRs.

The Result

The company and division levels of OKR were set and shared across employees. Now the company is clear with its sales target, its new number of stores (both offline & online) and the resources they need. Our unique data-driven approach also helped them to shape this target so they can accurately measure what they treasure.

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