Our Services

Catalitics commit to helping clients solve their problems, focusing on business strategy and people management with an integrated approach. We provide superior solutions on business operation, structure, and strategic management by focusing on people, leadership, culture, and organizational change.

Service Line

The organizational design identifies the organizational structures and processes that fit the type of people and type of task the organization faces 

We explore the integration of various data sources (internal and external) to the organization that helps the executives handle the direct responsibilities, make better workforce composition decisions, and assess employees’ performance with digital tools and strategies.

Business Process Re-Engineering is the changing process of an organization’s primary functions to increase efficiency and improve product quality and costs.

Hybrid work is a flexible approach that allows employees to split their time between working in the office and working from home. Hybrid work varies in flexibility in the future of work. It is a projection of how work, workers and the workplace will evolve in the years ahead.
Business Transformation is strategic management through an improvement process taking a “better, faster, cheaper” approach to how the company works.
Strategic Workforces Planning is the way to ensure that the right person is in the right job at the right moment. This planning help business avoids too many people available (overstaffing) or too few (understaffing).
A talent Management Strategy is a process to match the organization’s goals and clearly define what type of talent you need.

Change management is a systematic and structured process of developing and implementing strategies and interventions for organizations transitioning from a current state to the desired state. Its objectives are to enhance organizational performance ability and capability through proactive or reactive actions.

Compensation and benefits are effective tools for individual and organizational performance management. It means the system reflects the company’s HR objectives and policies and covers all tangible and intangible employees’ remuneration forms.
HR due diligence is the process by which an acquiring company analyzes the human capital within a company and all of its procedures and policies surrounding the company’s human capital.

OKR Facilitation is a session to facilitate the team understanding deep dive of Objective Key Results (OKR) as a tool to achieve the goals.