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Finding Company’s True Culture

Seeking to leverage their company’s culture, our client asked us to define and shape their organizational culture to help them thrive in today’s talent war.

Our clients’ exponential growth leaves them wondering about their true organizational culture, whether it enhances their growth or dampens it. We were engaged to quickly ideate strategy to identify their values and which part of their culture needs to be shed to help them grow even faster. We also helped align key values to start building solutions at pace. We brought our trademark outside-in thinking and creative illustrations to support the team with inspiration and decision making.

  • Outcome 1: Organization culture and values based on company’s authentic identity and business’ ambition
  • Outcome 2: Vision & mission that aligned with business’ ambition 
  • Outcome 3: Implementation & engagement of culture to the employees

The Challenge

Start-up businesses tend to focus on the core of their business, such as selling their product or building their brands. They focus too much on that; often, they miss the opportunity to build a healthy company culture from the beginning of their business. This hustle culture may work in the short run but will undoubtedly become an issue with the growing organization. Employee burnt out, or toxic culture may lurk just behind the corner.

The Approach

  • Individual and group interviews, a full-day workshop with key employees.
  • Industry benchmarks

The Result

We helped our clients find their company culture and elevate it to support their business. This culture will be developed as a base of employee value proposition (EVP), employee engagement and performance appraisal. This strong culture is an excellent foundation for the company to move forward even faster. It also helps them create a healthy work culture, retain employees, and win in the competition of hiring the best talents in the industry.

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