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Project management, Sumber:

Understanding What Project Management Is and Its Role in Company Development.

For HR and the company's management team, understanding what project management is constitutes a crucial matter. This is certainly justified because in the operational aspect of the company, proper project management will ensure that existing projects run smoothly and achieve the set goals. 

Not only that, project management is also related to the development of the company to enhance competitiveness. A team that consistently operates on a solid project management foundation will also have good cohesion. It is not impossible that this cohesion provides a consistently positive trend for the company.

So, what exactly is meant by project management and what is its role in relation to the continuous development of the company?

What is Project Management?

Definisi project management, Sumber:
Definisi project management, Sumber:

In short, project management is a method of planning and executing resources applied by a company to carry out and complete a project. This method encompasses various processes from start to finish to ensure the project is successfully completed.

In this regard, a project manager assumes responsibility. They will detail the comprehensive implementation of the project, select a team suitable for the job description, and ensure that all project stages are carried out effectively.

Additionally, a project manager is required to possess a variety of supporting skills. For instance, they must have good communication skills, especially for conducting negotiations. Moreover, they should have adequate knowledge about the business.

The Benefits of Project Management for Company Development

Manfaat manajemen proyek bagi perusahaan, Sumber:
Manfaat manajemen proyek bagi perusahaan, Sumber:

From the brief overview of what project management is, it can be said that this method is crucial for companies, especially in their development efforts. Upon further examination, there are quite a number of benefits from the applied project management method.

The intended benefits include:

1. Reducing Risk

Basically, from every project undertaken, there will be accompanying risks. For example, there is a risk of delays in implementation due to various emerging issues or budget changes midway due to inadequate allocation.

Well, project management can be the solution to that problem. By using well-structured project management, the risks associated with the project being carried out can be minimized.

2. Improving Efficiency

Another benefit of implementing project management in projects undertaken by the company is an improvement in work efficiency. The details outlined in a project management will facilitate the team in forming their focus. Surely, they will find it easier to establish work priorities later on.

Working based on priorities is an appropriate strategy to enhance efficiency. As a result, besides projects being completed on time according to the plan, the outcome of the work will also tend to be more optimal.

3. Improving Team Coordination

The project management method being implemented also contributes to enhancing team coordination. In line with teams being able to more easily organize focus and priorities, they can subsequently form better coordination than before.

With better team coordination, the team's productivity will increase in the future. Moreover, it is not impossible that after the project is completed, team cooperation will always be maintained and a more conducive working environment will be created within the company.

The points above represent various benefits of implementing project management in a company. Additionally, this management strategy will facilitate the management of the company's budget, thus minimizing the risk of budget deficits due to errors.

Furthermore, to maximize the implementation of project management, management can apply the concept of agile working. With a combination of physical and digital technologies, employees will have higher flexibility regarding time and place of work. Not only effectiveness, but also the quality of employees' work will periodically increase.

The Important Components of Project Management.

Komponen project management, Sumber:
Komponen project management, Sumber:

In an effort to implement project management as a strategy to enhance productivity and minimize the adverse risks of the projects undertaken, there are several crucial components that are always involved. You must certainly pay attention to these components so that the project management strategy can operate effectively.

The important components related to project management that need to be considered include:

  • The time, which is a representation of how long or the duration required by the appointed team to complete the agreed-upon project.
  • Cost, which is a breakdown of the budget required for the completion of a project from start to finish. The budget should be detailed to facilitate allocation.
  • Scope refers to various possibilities, including changes and improvisations that may arise suddenly in the midst of completing a project from its initial plan. 
  • The quality related to the standards or parameters used as the basis for evaluating the results of the project completed.

The components detailed above, in addition to being used to facilitate task breakdown for each team, can also be utilized by the project manager to divide the processes undertaken. As is known, project management consists of several processes ranging from initiating, planning, executing, monitoring to closing.

Designing Project Management with Catalitics

Kepercayaan karyawaan terhadap perusahaan, Sumber:
Merancang project management bersama Catalitics, Sumber:

What project management is not only enough to be known theoretically. In order for this company management method to be implemented optimally, a deep understanding and direct practice accompanied by experts as mentors and working partners are certainly required.

Well, Catalitics provides training services to assist your company's team in carefully and precisely designing project management. As a trusted HR consultant, we are certainly ready to be your partner in developing more efficient work strategies and more professional human resources.

Not only that, periodically, we will follow up with partners and clients to ensure that the management strategies learned can be implemented correctly and have a positive impact on the company. Interested in our services?

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